Bye-Bye Summer Trends, Hello to Fall Fashion

By: Shantia Cross

It's that time of year and school once again is back to rui--I mean inspire us to be the amazing creatives that we are! Remember kiddies, education is a right in Canada! NOT a privilege so make sure you take advantage of it!

School season is really where we also get to see the latest trends of our generation, whether it be fashion, makeup or just pop-culture. That first day outfit flex may be the talk of the day, but you’re trying to be the talk of the whole season. Staying on top of your style and the latest trends can be tricky (like staying on top of your homework!).

Here is a “cheat-sheet” of some of the latest fashion trends this season that are definitely going to be seen in the halls.


Fila Disruptor II’s in Silver, $119 (CAD),

They're cute, they're comfy and they really work with almost every outfit. Want to dress cute but not be too extra in class? Wear dad shoes. Running late and realized you're still wearing your plaid pyjama pants? Add some dad shoes. Are you a hype beast that needs to have the latest gear to make sure your fit is fire for the ‘gram? Add some Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner dad shoes. Dad shoes are the sh*t.

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Little Brother Tee, $24,

ALWAYS. HAVE. YOUR. BASICS. Basic items are so important. A white t-shirt is the perfect base to a great outfit. The white t-shirt goes with everything and can come in so many different cuts and fabrics suited to your style. If you don't like white, go with a black t-shirt to darken up your outfit a bit. A true staple for your back-to-school closet.

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Pretty Little Thing Wrap Skirt,$53,

Is it really B-T-S season if you don't own something tartan patterned?

Tartan skirts always makes its rounds when the school season starts and gives so many different pattern options which makes it easy to add to any outfit! It gives such a cozy put-together look and can be dressed up or dressed down.

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Red Wool Beret, $15,

Berets are super in! It's versatile, fun and can really give a nice French twist on a nice outfit. A bright red beret is such a statement piece on its own, it will definitely be the talking piece on your outfit. Être à la mode est un talent que tout les BadGals peuvent offrir.

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Queen Nefertiti Hoops, $26,

Big hoop earrings are a subtle way of showing that you're a BadGal in your own way! It's a playful accessory that can be worn with any hairstyle, which earns brownie points in my books.

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Leather Look Biker Jacket, $80,

A leather moto jacket will always make the best jacket for the fall back-to-school season. I’d suggest pairing it with a cool graphic tee, this leather moto jacket from Zara, black jeans and your favourite pair of ankle boots. Make it a look. You know what also completes this look? An XL double-double from timmie's in hand.

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Topshop MOTO Mom Jeans Dark Wash, $70,

Mom jeans are great because everything about them can help accentuate your body type. They tighten waistlines, lengthen legs and even perk up your booty (yes, that's why you can catch us wearing these 80% of the time). Try something new and go for a darker washed pair of MJ's. You can pair these with a button-down plaid shirt and call it a day. It’s perfect for when you're too busy to put something together and have a hunch that your teacher is going to throw you a pop quiz on the first day.

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Medium Brasilia Backpack in Navy, $48,

The Nike Brasilia backpack provides comfort, support and ventilation while having ample amount of space to carry accumulated papers and snacks that you keep bringing during lectures. Let's be a little realistic. As much as a cute tote bag makes a great way to carry your things and still look stylish, you know you're going to be swamped with binders, papers, your laptop and etc. Get a bag that provides your shoulders and back with support for those long commutes home.

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